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student Ambassador

“To be inspired is great but to inspire others is incredible”

Yes..!! ANCQ is giving an opportunity to the young students to be a part of the ANCQ family as ‘Student Ambassadors’ and thereby inspire their mates in their school, college or locality to participate in ANCQ and help us to popularize science among young school students.

The ‘Student Ambassador’ Program is a leadership opportunity for students who are keenly interested in science and wish to play a part in propagation of science among school students. The ‘Student Ambassadors’ will be tasked to spread the Aims, Philosophy and Importance of ANCQ to their fellow classmates or friends and thereby help us reach out to maximum possible students.

Each Student Ambassador to be awarded with a Special Service Certificate and captivating ANCQ goodies..!!

Write to us in the form below by July 10th 2019 and stand a chance to be a Student Ambassador.
Only 5 student ambassadors per school are permitted.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.